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This is a collection of photos taken at three locations in Ohio during Spring migration in 2015. Most are at the boardwalk at Magee Marsh in Oak Harbor. A few are at Maumee Bay State Park in Oregon and a few more are at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge also in Oak Harbor.

The boardwalk at Magee Marsh is a well known stopover for migrating birds. Some warblers, small song birds, travel hundreds of miles a night during migration and stop for rest and refueling at this food rich, isolated shoreline before making the Lake Erie crossing on their northward journey to summer nesting grounds.

The mile or so long boardwalk transects the low shrubby wetland growth providing unparalleled viewing opportunities of a wide array of these small colorful song birds for a couple weeks each year. During this time Magee Marsh is a destination for not only thousands of birds but thousands of bird watchers and photographers as well. While crowds are the norm during this time the views can't be beat.

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